Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit and the Arabic Alphabet

Here are some fun facts about these three writing systems….

We will start with Hebrew! 

The Hebrew alphabet contains no vowels and shares its lettering system with its numeral system! Here is a picture to help me describe this!Image

VERY STRANGE! This language is written from right to left. Their alphabet is sometimes called “Alefbet” which is the first and second letter of their alphabet-smushed together! “Alef-Bet”! To help with punctuation, they created a system of dots called “nikkud” that appear above, below or inside the letter. The letters are very simular to the Greek Alphabet when focusing on the name and order of the letters.

So on to the Greek since we just talked about it!

The Greek alphabet was the first one to include vowels. It was developed from the Phoenician Alphabet! This alphabet has three types which was split up according to where you lived! They called the three types the “blue” “red” and “green” groups. The blue group created the Modern Greek Alphabet, the red developed the Etruscan Alphabet and the green group was the ones who used the alphabets of Ancient Italy and later used the Latin Alphabet. 

Now on to the Sanskrit Alphabet!

Sanskrit Alphabet is used by the Indian people. It means “refined” and is used MAINLY for the Hindu religious language. The alphabet and numeral system is separated. Here is an example of the appearance of Sanskrit.Image


Lastly, we have the Arabic Alphabet. 

There are two types of written Arabic: The Classical and the Modern Standard Alphabet. The Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur’an and has a different style and vocabulary than the Modern Standard. The Modern Standard is the Universal Language and is what the vast majority of written material uses. The thing I believe is most interesting about the Arabic Alphabet is that the letters are written from right to left but the numbers are written left to right! 

Different writing systems and languages are very interesting and make up who we are today, how we speak and learn and how history has spread from day to day, month to month, year to year and century to century!!!!!!!!!! 



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